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Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado
The Downey Museum of Art, One Person Installation, Los Angeles, California
Steelcase Design, New York City
Swan International Gallery, New York City
Theatre For The New City. New York City
Columbia University, New York City
Henley’s Gallery, Sea Ranch, California
Prince Street Gallery, New York City
Monumental Propangda, New York City
Monumental Propaganda, Moscow, Russia
One Foley Square Art Project, New York City
Blum Helmen, Water Bar III, New York City
Art Around The Park, New York City
CBGB’S New York City
The New Gallery, New York City
The Penson Gallery, New York City
Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, California
Lincoln Center, Cork Gallery, New York City
Boricua Galleria, Brooklyn, New York
Boricua Galleria, New York City


Mercedes Benz Corporate Art Collection
General Electric Corporate Art Collection
IB Schroeder Banking Corporate Art Collection
Clair Cameron Award & Collection
Seligman Collection
Amsler-Seligman Collection
Anderson-Zimmer Corporate Collection
Neatreaur Literary Art Collection
Rifkin-Taylor Film Inc. Collection
Morrow Sound Studio Grant Award
CTIP Grant, City of Oakland, CA
Merit Award, San Francisco Art Institute
Binney Smith Painter’s Award
Colorado Architectural Association Award
JFK Center for Arts Very Special Arts Grant
New York State Council for the Arts Grant Award


Rant II Publication
Painter’s Purse (book in process)
Mississippi Breeze (book in process)







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